[SELLING] Max Enchanted Infinity/Mending Bow

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Allicanto, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Selling Infinity/Mending bows with following enchants for 80k each

    The Flame enchant is optional, i'll add it (for free) if this is wanted (Same for Punch II)
    This because i know some don't like this enchant :)

    Want one?
    Pm or wright down below how many you want, and if you want Flame or not :)
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  2. bump, anyone in need of these uncraftable bows :)
  3. How did you get this?
    Alt of eviltoade
  4. these were crafted before the update that made them uncraftable
    since that update a bow can't have infinity and mending on it :)

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  5. Ok! Thanks :)
  6. oh mighty frog do you have any flame II bows? faded comes in peace, but he can only use the greatest of weapons.
  7. i do, but i wasn't planning on selling them
    how much would you pay for one?
  8. Heya Alli.
    Would like two without flame puhlease...
    Will send transfer shortly
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  9. i'll mail both of them tomorrow normally
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  10. I’ll take one with no flame plz :)
  11. mailed, but still awaiting payment