[SELLING] Max Enchanted Elytra

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  1. Price: 600r each
    Stock: 108 books
    Where?: /v 4014 (smp2)

    I also have an auction up for mending books atm. The price for mending is where it is atm because its only been like less than an hour since we updated.

    Price subject to change as the day(s) go on.
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  2. You are a hero, good sir. Enjoy ~20k of buying from me.
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  3. :)

    Just an fyi, the price went up to 2k each- I sold 36 books in the matter of 2 hours so supply/demand ya know.
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  4. Bump, price lowered to 1500/book.

  5. Send me offers in PM. :)
    Buy both or just one.
  6. Bump, lowered price once more.
  7. PM (via forums or in game) me offers.

    I have 2 1 for sale!

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  8. Lowered the price once more! Just got a cheaper villager so I can mass produce if need be.
  9. bump :)

    Sold one, but I have another :)

    Last one went for 180k so, looking in that range for this one too.
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  10. If you divided that price by a thousand I would take it off your hands
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  11. Sorry to "bump" so soon, wouldnt consider it a bump considering I was OOS... I did not notice until just now (must have sold some overnight).

    Just added 108 books.
  12. bump, I am selling 2 more!
  13. 2 more elytra? For how much?