[Selling] Massive MANSION - Loaded!

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  1. Hey EMC Peeps... just finished another mansion on SMP3 (V/ 6200) . Multiple floors, crafting room, oven room, enchantment room, main hall, multiple bedrooms, two swimming pools, secret room, chest/supply room, central chandelier through all floors, self-sufficient farm and tree farm (indoors) . rooftop park/ animal space (breeding space)

    Hope ya like. Feel free to browse in game at /v 6200

    If you're interested in buying a MANSION, Make an offer ;-) I can build this and other designs just as detailed/nice over and over and over...

    30+ HD Screenshots: http://freddthebuilder.tumblr.com/

  2. And to add on to what PenguinDJ said,
    As nice as your mansion looks, can't say I'd want to buy someone else's creation.
    MineCraft is all about making your own stuff :3
  3. If I am online please contact me I am interested in this build, Thanks
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  4. Shame, the mansion looks SO PRETTY
  5. but i can build this exact setup on any res... its not allowed to be a builder for others? this is a showpiece.
  6. it is about building, i've sold several designs and built on other residences many times because not everyone is here to spend 60 hours building a home. Not for everyone, but design/build services do get buyers :)
  7. Thought you were selling the physical mansion, not a service. Sorry 'bout that.
  8. Time to reset my second res... Griefing party anyone?
  9. fredd, 10314 is now reset so when u r ready i'd like a mansion plz, so how much does it cost?
  10. Hi Lottie, i have about $100,000 in resources and labor into the example... make a bid. i'm open to negotiating. I just like building cool residences :)
  11. Hi Penguin, ya i think my original wording was totally not clear. I edited to be more specific.
  12. I can't /v to your res 6200. Says I have no move permission. :(
  13. Move permission updated FWRonald...
  14. Didn't you create a thread to show everyone how good it was? And now you are selling it. You like to make buianess fast! I don't think it will match my res. I would love to have a mansion, except I don't have 2 residences. Sorry.
  15. haha Shanekas, nobody is making "fast" money... that is weeks of work and spending. I keep building because i like it more than PVP or crafting or mob fighting. Its just my thing :)
  16. Yeah, i've started making a beach at 10314. I dont keep promises.
  17. beautiful build
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