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  1. Items:

    1x: Labor Day Bench(2014): 15,000r

  2. I will take the Independence Day helmet & boots, will be paying you as soon as I get home. Please reserve/mail me it.
  3. I'll take the iday fireworks 2014. 20k total. Thanks <3
    *EDIT - Paid
  4. I would buy 4 stable vouchers, paying 32k. Please mail them to me, Thanks.
  5. Will take a full set o' starter gear
  6. I will take one please :)
  7. Sent husbando <3

    Sent <3
  8. Please come pick up your sets at my Second res @ 17112 on SMP8, please pay before picking up.
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  9. Did you make this?

    And to keep this on-topic I'll make an offer of 4k for ICC Skin
  10. picked up.

    No i did not make that i just use it because i love Halloween,also im sorry im sticking to 6k.
  11. ICC Skin has been sold to Melon.
  12. I'll take the ICC skin for 6k
  13. ninja'd. too late
  14. I'll take the used starter armor for 2k
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  15. An access chest has been set up for you on my #2 lot @ 17112 SMP8.
    please pay the 2k before then.
  16. I am getting on to pay now :)
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  17. Bump, prices have been lowered !
  18. I'll take the 2014 labor bench for the 15Kr
  19. mk,it will be sent in the mail when you send the payment
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