[Selling] Mancub's Spare Promos

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  1. Got a ton of Rupees and you don't know what to do with them?
    Invest in Promos, that's the way to go!

    Location: /smp2
    Res: /v 3020
    Open: 24/7
    Go up the water elevator to enter the shop.
  2. Nice shop!
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  3. Taking a look around. Could you please add preview signs? Thanks.
  4. /tpreview is on already.
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  5. Huh. I had no idea that setting existed. Thanks.
  6. Any specific promos you wanna share or talk about? I’m not always on and able to come by your shop just to see what is on the selling block. It would be awesome to see a list of what you are selling.
  7. Donner - 30k
    Cupid - 35k
    Comet - 40k
    Vixen - 50k
    AMAREica - 25k
    Valentine - 35k
    2014 Holiday Candle - 35k
    Prancer - 65k
    2016 Candy Cane Sword - 45k
    2016 4th of July firework - 23k
    2018 New years firework - 25k
    Santa's magic bag - 35k
    2017 New years firework - 28k
    Spooky egg - 25k
    Pot o' Gold - 18k
    Minecon Earth hat - 40k
    Weighted arrow - 50
    Sole mates - 30k
    2020 Holiday Candle - 15k
    Dragon stone - 1k
    Remote shop sign - 1.5k
    Evergreen sapling - 25k
    Sheep hooves - 40k
    Shiny flesh - 10 for 100
    Cooked turkey - 5 for 500
    Empire waffle - 50k
    Misc. books - 500
    U1 starter leggings - 70k
    Strong venom extended - 10k
    2017 4th of July firework - 30k
    Enchgap - 1.5k
    2019 PPP Krysyy head - 600k
    Blizz Ard parts - 10k
    Feasting fork - 30k
    Cupid arrow - 8 for 250
    Bloody shoes - 15k
    2019 New years firework - 25k
    2020 New years firework - 20k
    Ugly sweater - 25k
    Feast for a king - 200
    Liberty bell - 20k
    Zahnenn's Trident - 100k
    Birthday cakes - 2019 (20k), 2018 (25k), 2017 (30k), 2016 (35k), 2014 (45k)
    Elfin head - 350k
    Stuffing scooper - 32k
    Can opener - 32k
  8. lol thanks

  9. Hey Mancub, as you may know I’m unable to get online at this moment, but I was wondering if you would consider holding Zahnenn's Trident for 100k ?
  10. Sure. I can do that
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  11. Thanks! Paid! How much for mailing fee ?
  12. sorry just got home from work, will mail shortly. no mailing fee

    edit: mail sent. thanks
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  13. Any chance you have a 2014, 4th of
    July “Empire Firework” ?

    Not the Independence Day variant.
  14. Sorry I dont
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  15. Hey! I'm interested, but I don't have the rupees at the moment. Could we discuss maybe reserving one or two?

  16. Yep if you pm me what ones you want me to reserve I will put them on hold for you.
  17. Hey! Do you have a dancer egg?
  18. I don't sorry