(Selling) Lots of things. Rawr (LOCKED FOR NOW)

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by DemonThunder345, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. Im board and I have things I don't want.
    So Im selling :)

    A DC of Blast Prot 4 books
    A DC of Feathers
    4 Stacks of Item frames (Not from HOC)
    8 DCs of Paper
    21 stacks of nether rack
    12 Iron Shovels
    1 Golden Apple
    8 IcC skin (Not to rare)

    Thats everything I have for now. I know I have nothing but I have a goal for 1 million rupees so I want to sell things and stuff so I can make money.
    I got board of Minecraft but FDNY21 suggested I make some goals so um yeah.
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  2. I will buy some prot 4 books. Ill give you 800r each for a sc
  3. He's "board". I can see why becoming wooden would cause you to lose interest in minecraft, a game where people massacre trees by the thousands :)
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  4. By the hands at that!

    But yes demon, selling stuff will take a while but will eventually get you where you want if you manage to find good ways! :)
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  5. Ill buy the DC of protection 4 books for 54k
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  6. How much is that each book? I can think Im liking this one
  7. 54k/54=1k per book
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  8. what fdny said.
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  9. ill trade you an orebuster for the DC of protection 4 books
  10. I'll offer up 57k for the DC of protection IV if you want.
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  11. Ill up my offer to 58k D:
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  12. Nice OP edit mate. For those who haven't heard from me or FDNY yet, Demon attempted to trick me into some Blast Protection IV books. I paid him the 59,000r as my offer and he put up the sign for the chest. I open the chest, and what?! 54 Blast Protection IV books.. So I ask him for a refund and he started saying "Read the OP" and stuff as if I was blind. FDNY told me he saw the OP as "Protection IV"' and so did I, and clearly so did everyone else that has commented so far:
    Is that not proof enough? Sad that you would try to trick me like that. It took a lot for you to give a refund and you finally gave it back and "quit" EMC? I don't understand this.
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  13. Ill buy the 8 dc's of paper for 2k?
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  15. I know.
  16. Let's think of the bright side:
    Maybe he got hacked and he did not leave.
    Not that bright but that might have happened.

    Either way, we should encourage DemonThunder to come back and possibly talk to the staff or us about what happened.
  17. Pretty sure staff knows about everything seeing as his other thread has been locked.
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