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  1. So... I kept all my promos for a long time because I 'might ever want' to build a museum, or how longer I have them, how more they get worth... Well... after all this time I think I should just sell it and get dem rup├ęZ :p.

    I made my own prices here, but I am not the best price expert :3 and I dont really negotiate, but if you got a good example of a item that I overpriced (so a thread with a auction/selling that I can trust isnt extraordinairy), I might lower the price.
    Oh, and if you got a good example of an item I underpriced, you can show me too :p

    ----==+==---- Important info ----==+==----

    Prices are per item
    I mail the prices to you after I receive payment as soon as I get online.
    I got pictures of every item here.
    PM me if you are interested :)

    ----==+==---- Items I sell ----==+==----
    2x 1x rememberance poppy -- Give feedback on my prices (aka give your own prices to these items :p)

    1x Iron supporter voucher -- 110K
    1x Super dragon poop -- 50K
    15x rememberance poppy 2014 -- 10K
    2x rememberance poppy 2015 -- 9K
    3x Cupid bundle 2015 (The chest!) -- 75K
    2x Trick-or-Threat bundle 2015 (The chest!) -- 70K
    2x Maxarian head [used] -- 25K
    4x 3x Pot of gold [used] -- 30K [Reserved]
    1x Love potion No. 9 -- 70K
    2x Holiday candle (2014) -- 35K
    2x 2015 birthday cake -- 20K
    1x Labor bench 2013 -- 30K
    1x labor bench 2014 -- 25K
    1x Labor bench 2015 -- 20K
    1x Avalauncher (undated version) -- 75K
    3x Magical Eggcelent wand -- 7K
    2x Dasher (2015) [unused] -- 35K
    3x Meteor bow (2015) [unused] -- 40K
    3x Cupid bow [unused] -- 20K
    2x 2015 birthday cookie -- 12K
    5x 3x 1x Pi Pie (2015) -- 12K
    1x Feast for a King -- 30K
    1x Feather (got it at the 400K member party) -- 1.4Mill*
    1x Lucky Bow [unused] -- 70K
    1x Marlix bow [unused] -- 150K
    1x Marlix Boots [unused] -- 100K
    2x Momentus Toothpick [unused] -- 125K
    1x Turkey slicer (drop version 2014) [unused] -- 60K
    1x Freedom blade *do not claim* version (2014) [unused] -- 50K
    2x Emergency snow clearing device (ESCD) [unused] -- 45K
    1x Holiday pick 2013 [unused] -- 95K
    1x Ore buster (60K members event) [unused] -- 450K
    1x Ham Hacker [unsued] -- 45K
    1x Headless horseman axe [unsed] -- 30K
    2x EMC new year 2014 fireworks -- 25K
    1x Independence day 2015 fireworks -- 20K
    2x EMC new year fireworks 2015 -- 20K
    1x EMC new year 2015 fireworks -- 18K
    1x Independence day 2014 fireworks -- 25K
    1x EMC new year 2013 fireworks -- 28K

    ----==+==---- That is all ----==+==----

    *This is just a normal Feather. There is nothing special about it, I just got this at a chest from the 400K member event. So dont expect it to be special, it is more of a joke (but of course you can still buy it xD)
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  2. Can I buy the holiday pick and 2 maxarian heads?
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  3. Ill take the 3 magical wands and the freedom blade :) Let me know and I will pay you.
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  4. Can I buy the 2 2015 birthday cookies?
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  5. Will take 2 pi's and the feather
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  6. Damn.. just the 1 eh. I only buy these things in pairs. Oh well maybe I will get lucky next time.
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  7. Okay! Ill mail you the items once I receive payment! (145K)

    Same goes for you! (71K)

    And you! (24K)

    and not to forget, also for the great squid master :p (1.. wait.. wut? is this a joke? :confused: 1.424.. million... or 24K for the pies lol )

    This is going better than I expected already lol
  8. I'll pay you as soon as I get off work today.
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  9. Meh.. your to late anyways xD
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  10. Is the Avalauncher purposefully 250k? They go for no way near that amount, or if they do, I'm selling them 6.25 times too cheap :p
  11. Depends which one. The original dated one could cost that much. But the un-dated ones.. maybe not.
  12. huh? all I know is that I bought this one with tokens, and that I dont know of another avalauncher xD

    Edit: the Feather is free again lol
  13. The initial release was dated. (2014 I think?) The re-release was without a date and possible future re-releases would be undated as well making them far less rare and much lower in value. They are all purchased through tokens.
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  14. can i take the super dragon poop and lucky bow :)
    and 2 pi pies

    together 144k
  15. Paid 71k for the 2 wands and freedom blade. Thanks!
  16. 3 wands* Mailed!
    Okay :)!, Ill send you the stuff once I recieve payment :)
    Oh, I have the undated version then :3, Ill add it to the list but I am still keeping the price until I find a good new price lol

    EDIT: I am off to bed now, I will react again tomorrow :)
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  17. payed :) thanks
  18. Mailed to both of you :)
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  19. Bump!
    You can still get a rememberance poppy 2014 if you do a price revieuw :)