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  1. Hello everyone! I've been in need of some extra rupees to fund some upcoming builds, so I decided I'd be selling some of my promos.
    What I'm Selling:
    • 1x Iron Referral Block of Clickyness ~100k - ON HOLD -
    • 1x RainbowChin PvP Head ~250k
    • 3x Headless Horseman Mask ~30k
    • 13x Taste the Freedom Steak ~3k
    • 31x Blizz Ard's Nose ~185k
    • 54x ESCD ~35k
    • 1716x ICC Flesh ~6k
    • 1716x ICC Skin ~6k
    • 1x 2014 Turkey Slicer ~70k
    • 2x Light Red Freedom Blade ~40k
    • 1x Spooky Egg ~40k
    • 2x Eggcellent Wand ~15k
    • 21x Love Potion #9 ~50k
    • 75x Pi Pie ~15k
    • 78x Dragon Stone Fragment 2k Firm
    • 1615x Dragon Stone ~16k
    • 1715x Holiday Torch ~7.5k
    • 17x 2014 New Years Firework ~10k
    • 19x Unspawned Dancer ~30k
    • 7x Feast for a King Paper ~22.5k
    • 5x 2014 Labor Day Bench ~20k
    • 1x 2014 Independence Day Firework ~20k
    I'm open to negotiation on all items other than the stone fragments. PM me or post offers/orders here-No lowball offers, please. Thanks!
  2. Send me a holiday torch for 7.5k.
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  3. Sorry to double post, but you already sent the holiday torch AND logged off so...

    I want the ecsd too, but I only want to pay 34,999r

    Please accept offer.
  4. Mailed
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  5. Love Potion Pls :3
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  6. Will mail went payment's received
  7. I'll buy the Iron Block of Clickyness. Could I pay you tomorrow?
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  8. I'd like one Love Potion #9 for 50k and 1 Dragon Stone for 16k.
    Total of 66k will be sent shortly.
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  9. Sure
  10. I'll buy a Pi Pie off you
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  11. Bump! Added Rainbowchin PvP head!
  12. Paid for the Iron Block of Clickyness, could you mail it to me? Thanks! ;)
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  13. Mailed. Thanks!
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  14. I do like the holliday torch, 7.5Kr, paid (paid with Ilse32 but could you mail it to jelle68 :D )
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  15. Bump! Possibly trading for beacons/skulls!
  16. dragonhawk32, sorry but... I have paid two days ago for one holliday torch, but I still haven't got it. could you send it fast, I don't like whaiting that long times.
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  17. Mailed, sorry about the wait
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