[SELLING] Lot's of Promos and other Rares

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  1. Meteor Bow x13 15,000 R Each
    IDay Firework 2015 x2 12,000 R Each
    Diamond Block of Clickyness June 2015 250,000 R
    Dragon Stone Offer
    Labor Bench 2013 30,000 R
    Cupid's Bow x3 18,000 R Each
    Lucky Bow 37,000 R
    Cupid Spawn Egg x3 25,000 R Each
    Magical Eggcellent Wand x2 12,000 R Each
  2. I'll buying the Headless HorseMan Mask from you.
  3. Does the Diamond Block of Clickyness have player names on them or just the month/year it was won?
  4. Month/Year. It has been sold to georeashington
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