[SELLING] Lot's of Enchanted Books!

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  1. Hello,

    I have lots of awesome Enchanted Books that I don't need, so I'm selling them. For price just ask here, or in a PM.
    Pick up at 859 smp1, or delivery to any server for 20r extra.

    1 Thorns III
    5 Looting III
    2 Looting II
    3 Projectile Protection IV
    1 Protection III
    3 Knockback II
    1 Punch I
    3 Sharpness III
    2 Smite III
    1 Power III
    7 Power I
    2 Efficiency I
    8 Sharpness I
    1 Bane of Arthropods I
    1 Feather Falling I

    Thanks! :)
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  2. Bump, I still have lots of books left.
  3. How much for a looting III?
  4. 1100r

    Can a mod please remove the ' in the title? (in Lot's :p)

    Also, I updated the list. :)
  5. I'll buy one looting 3 book. I'll pay u the next time I get online which I'm not sure is when
  6. Ok thanks! :) I'll setup a access chest for you at 859 (smp1) ASAP when I recieved payment.
  7. Bump!

    Still awaiting payment.
    EDIT: Whoops, I just saw that your banned ATM. I'll wait until you're unbanned. :)
  8. Bump! I still have lots of books left. :)
  9. How much for Silk Touch I and Fire Protection II.
  10. 375r
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  11. I'll buy both.
  12. How much for the protection 1 and 2?
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  13. Pay me, I'll setup an access chest for you at 858, smp1 when I've received payment. :)
    Protection I = 45r per book. Protection II 95r per book.
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  14. Will do.
  15. I'll buy both protection 1 books and the protection 2 book. I'll be on later to pay you.
  16. I'm really sorry, but I forgot that I already sold the Silk Touch book. I've payed you the 375r back. :) The Fire Protection II book is ready for pickup at 858.
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  17. Ohhhh....well, that's ok. I'll pick it up now.
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  18. I've paid the full 185r can you set up my access chest please.
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  19. Yes, I'll do it tomorrow. :) I'm currently in bed so I can't do it now :p
  20. lol thats fine I'll wait until then :D
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