[SELLING] Lots o' Promos!

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From a range of SMP1 to Aikar, what is your favourite fruit?

Yellow 9 vote(s) 22.0%
Elephant 3 vote(s) 7.3%
Blackknight1021 23 vote(s) 56.1%
Natalia Kills 6 vote(s) 14.6%
  1. Hey all,
    I need funding for my mall, so I am selling my promos.
    I have not added prices, as I cannot be bothered.
    If you would like to buy any, then reply to this thread with an offer, or ask me to make one.
    Alternatively catch me in-game or PM me!
    I do not want any low-ball offers, if you do this, there is a high chance I won't even reply.
    Lets get down to business!

    Avalauncher x2
    Blizz Ard Nose x2
    Lucky Bow
    Cupids Bow- used
    Empire Firework 2014 x2
    Cupids Bow
    Shiny Arrow x145
    Taste The Freedom Steak- x75
    x2 ICC Flesh
    Vault Voucher x4
    E.S.C.D x2
    2014 Labour Bench x4
    4th Of July Firework x5
    Cooked Turkey x75
    2014 Birthday Cake x3
    Freedom Blade
    Freedom Blade- used
    Independence Helmet x1
    Independence Pants x1
    Independence Boots
    Independence Chest
    Feast For A King x4
    Headless Horseman Mask x4
    2013 Empire Firework
    Valens - used
    Ham Hacker x2
    2013 Haunted Head
    Turkey Slicer 2013
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Dancer- unused
    Chickeneer head
    Cupids Arrow x4 Stacks
    15 Dragon Fragments
    Cupid Bundle Chest
    Netherhound x2
    Stable Voucher x3
    Spooky Egg x1
    ICC Skin x3
    Maxarian Head- "MWAHAHA FIRE!!!"
    Independence Day Firework x4
    Second Chance Book
    Love Potion No.09
    Pot O' Gold
    Holiday Candle x3

    Super Dragon Poop
    P.S "Labour" is spelt with a "u" in my country. Please do not correct me for it :p
    Happy Purchasing!
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  2. Is the Maxarain head WHAHAHA Fire!!! Or a normal head?
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  3. "WHAHAHA Fire!!!" I shall change that, thank you for bringing it up :)
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  4. I will take:
    • Dancer- unused
    • Independence Helmet
    • Independence Pants
    • Independence
    How much is the total?
  5. best price for 1 of your netherhound eggs?
  6. Apologies they are sold, my fault for not removing them :/
  7. ah, alright then, np.
  8. Id like to buy used freedom blade how much?
  9. How much is the feast for a king?
  10. How much for spooky eggs?
  11. That and Valens?
  12. Can I trade you a Headless Horseman mask for a Spooky Egg? (you get the Mask)
  13. Thanks for da trade :3
  14. No problemo :)
  15. How much for pot of gold?
  16. Offer?