[SELLING] Limited Edition 60k Member Items!

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  1. I will be selling the following items at the listed prices:
    • Big Daddy Helmet (Unbreaking III, Respiration V, Aqua Affinity I)-10,000 rupees
    • Bullet Proof Vest (Unbreaking III, Projectile Protection VI, Thorns III)-10,000 rupees
    • Cactus Pants (Unbreaking III, Thorns V)-10,000 rupees
    • Feather Fallllling Boots (Unbreaking III, Feather Falling V)-10,000 rupees
    • Ore Buster (Unbreaking III, Fortune V, Efficiency VI)-12,000 rupees
    • Everlasting Axestopper (Unbreaking VI, Efficiency V)-11,000 rupees
    • Turfinator (Unbreaking III, Efficiency VI, Silk Touch I)-11,000 rupees
    • Flaming Mob Launcher (Unbreaking III, Knockback VI, Fire Aspect IV)-11,000 rupees
    Items available at res 18841 on SMP9. Just turn right at the spawn!
    NOTE: I only have one of each so buy them fast!

    EDIT: I have been receiving reports of the shop signs not working. If they don't work for you please contact me about the item you wish to purchase. I will then let you know how to get it from me. Thank you in advance for your patience. :)

    EDIT 2: Fixed the signs. All are tested and should now work. :p
  2. Ill sell you my turfinator for 11k :p
  3. My, did they really go up that fast?
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  4. I am so happy that I bought 12 orebusters now.
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  5. LOl alexchance is selling for more
  6. Rich younguns'...
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  7. Ill take it for 10k
  8. Bumpity bump
  9. Would you take my ore busters as well for 10k? (I got 20 to sell) :D
  10. sure why not
  11. Skip I want to buy something
  12. It won't let me buy through the shop set up though
  13. Do you want to sell me one?
  14. Really they are worth much more.

    Can't believe I almost didn't buy some ore busters.
  15. Can you repair them?
  16. If you could hole onto an ore buster for me I would appreciate it. You're not on but the next time you are on I'll pick it up.
  17. They shouldn't be though.
    It rather bugs me that people but these purely for the point of profit.
    Sadly no.
  18. if ur still on come to my res
  19. I didn't say price, I said value. I am taking one out to my wild base. Every time I come on some diamond ore, I will clear the area out first. Then go back for my ore buster and surgically remove all the diamonds. :D
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  20. And it'll only go up even more ^_^