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  1. alright so i recently came to think that i have no more use of a build i created when i first joined the server and thought that i would sell the plot/build to someone who wants it. you can make a shop out of it or do whatever except take it down. i would like it to still be the build it is but would like to see someone use it as a shop or something useful so its not sitting there not being used. right now im using as a chest collection spot but will soon move all of the chests/items. if you are interested check it out and let me know. it is on smp5 res# 10492
  2. i don't know how you're going to sell the res though?
    you can't actually switch ownership of a res without resetting it, and if you gave admin permissions to someone who buys it you could just reset it, or stop playing and their purchase would have been for nothing. =\
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  3. They could give admin and even if they stopped playing someone could vote for them keeping them active.
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  4. The biggest issue would be making it a shop and trusting them to not steal all your goods. Really
  5. i'd worry too much about the res just being reset out of no where because the actual owner wanted his rightful res back? (trying to figure out if this is allowed, i think it is, but i'm not entirely sure)
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  6. I would think it falls under the same clause as all the other people selling floors on their malls. If they can do that then the sale of a premade shop should be fine I would think. I personally would want a contract stating that the res will not be claimed or moved or lost for x amount of time. A lease per say
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  8. But it's not in the wild it in a controlled area. The wild system is different. You can't control who goes out there and griefs. The OP could change his post and say he is selling the rights to his shop.

    In the end I'm not a MOD ( it's a goal of mine ) but if you look at it like he is selling the right to use his shop then it's just the same as the other 12 posts in this section about it. Firstjug and faith caster two of the more recent ones.
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  9. And yea it would prolly fall under that. Both sides would have to understand that this is out of mods hands and any theft or turnover is between them.
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  10. i was just showing my concerns is all, nothing more :) i'm sure whoever wants to buy it would have those questions too, possibly.
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  11. I would have the same concerns myself. I need a new shop (I'm a horrid builder) and having one premise to fit would be awesome. I'm interesting in checking it out at the very least.
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  12. to those that it concerns there is no worry in me stealing or changing anything as i have already invested lots of time into the server and even donated a decent amount/will be donating more soon. many might not know me but i am merely trying to put it to good use. the build im selling took a good amount of time and i wanted it to look good. if you have to pm me for more details and i can provide them whatever they may be. the only thing i ask when selling this is that they leave the exterior untouched they can alter the inside if they decide to do that. if i do need another plot that i dont have ill just use a friends plot or one of my alts XD
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  13. Senior staff can move a res as long as it is on the same SMP for 100k.
  14. Do we have to PM? Gets annoying when I get like 5 inbox alerts
  15. you can talk to me in game whenever you see me on, or at best just post them here.
  16. Is it a cheap buy or a expensive one? If cheap 1r =P
  17. lol whoever gives best offer really. ive gotten one already and waiting from another player on their offer. ill give it a few days or so and see what i come up with so others have time to see it and choose
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  18. 1r!!!! Best for both of us
  19. just saying the bid i have so far beats that by a ways ;p
  20. D= fine 30k