Selling Krysyy PvP Head

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  2. Bump, one more head available.
  3. Bump, sold one, one left!
  4. what are these worth? roughly
  5. I sold one a few months ago for 1.4 mil cash and sold one an hour ago for 24 Mineral Mincers, if that gives any context.
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  6. Wow are they really worth that much? :eek:
    I got my one for 50k :p
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  7. Well you made the deal of your life... plain krysyy heads are worth 200-250K pretty contantly, so these(much rarer) would be worth a bunch more....

    Rainbowchin heads are worth about 50K(I think...) while their pvp versions are worth 250K, to give a bit more context
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  8. Plain Krysyy Heads are more like 100k-150k. But yeah, a pvp head for 50k is an absolute steal..
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  9. Lol who had 24 mincers lying around?
  10. Somebody, but I have 6x that lying around so :p
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