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Discussion in 'Selling' started by ThaKloned, Jul 13, 2016.

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  1. I will use this thread to post items I have for sale.
    I will update this post with items currently for sale.

    Currently for Sale (In Double Chest Amounts)

    Slime Blocks - Price: 35k - Qty: 5

    IMN666's Voter Items:
    Diamond Shovel (50k) & Hoe (25k)
    100 Vote Paper (PM Offers)

    Totem of Undying - Price: 10k - Qty: 8 (Buy chest /v 5775@pickup)

    Items can be picked up on Utopia /v 5775@pickup when ready.

    Thanks :)
  2. i'll take the steak :p
    i'll pay later today normally :)
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  3. Sounds good. You can pick up your items on utopia at /v 5775@pickup. Thanks for your purchase :)
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  4. thank you too :)
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  5. I'll buy the Iron blocks - I'll pay later when ingame.

    Thanks :)
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  6. Chest setup on utopia at /v 5775@pickup. Thanks for your purchase :)
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  7. Picked up and paid - thanks to you too :)
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  8. I'll take the leather ;D
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  9. Sure thing. Pickup is on utopia /v 5775@pickup :)
  10. Payed
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  11. Added some new items:

    Iron Blocks - 90k - Quantity: 1 DC
    Hoppers - 90k - Quantity: 1 DC
    Sticky Pistons - 85k - Quantity: 2 DCs
    Redstone Torch - 8500r - Quantity: 2 DCs
  12. Will take a DC of redstone torches. Is it okay if I pay and pick-up tomorrow when I get on?
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  13. Paid and picked up.
    Thanks! :)
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  14. Is one or two DCs of redstone torches left? I'll take whatever is left, and pay as soon as I'm ingame after knowing how many DCs you have. :p
  15. Sorry forgot to update list. There is just one left.
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  16. Okay cool, no problem, I'll but that one then. :) I'll also take the feathers if they're still available, please. :)

    EDIT: but is buy lol, thanks typos I didn't notice :p
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  17. :D Sorry there is a 50k deposit on all typos. :cool:

    Feather are no longer available though as you just bought them :p I will make a chest for your feathers and redstone torch DCs as soon as I can pop online. :)

    EDIT: Also I will look into other prices for my items. I figured using the average price from the OP website was good price. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Not trying to rip people off if my prices are too high.
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  18. Changed most of the prices. I based them on the cost of each item required to make them. Well in that general area :p
  19. Your items are ready. utopia /v 5775@pickup. Total is 12.5k :)
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  20. I'll take both dc's of glowstone, how much would that be?
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