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  1. Have a project you need more Iron than you can mine up alone?


    Well, come on over to smp4 Residence 8002 right off spawn to get your very own Iron Ingot Package. Whether you just need a few to make an anvil or an entire stack to stock up for the wild. I sell them. All quantities have the price of 3 rupees per ingot.

    Any questions should be directed to myself.

    At the time of opening I am fully stocked with 5 full DC and 4 Full hoppers.

    I restock when I have time, but plan on dropping at least a full DC each day.

    Edit: May be out of stock now. Am almost sold out. Stopped using my Iron Farm for a while.
  2. Not going to bump this thread a lot; I NEED someone to take all of this Iron off of me :p
  3. Sure I need a few stacms ill get loads tomorrow :)
  4. 10, 368r per DC, nice!
    Just decided to share, not buying any due to the amounts I have lol.
  5. Plus there's a nice statue of chickeneer there! oh wait that's him, but he's not moving!
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  6. You should sell iron ores :p
  7. Chicken! I give up waiting for you! Anyways I was going to say you should make a public crafting table.
  8. I will do that now. lol

    There is one at spawn though
  9. You wouldn't understand our laziness then....
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  10. Smh .... chicken what have you done?
  11. Just providing a service to all those people who need Iron. No reason for them to overpay just to buy it in small amounts
  12. :) such a sweet chicken!
  13. Shameless Bump: Fully stocked, come and get them while they are hot
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  14. shameless........
  15. Yes, shameless

    I feel no shame
  16. :) and hence why I love my chicken! Yes, MY chicken. That is all.
  17. How long will this be stocked?
  18. Read the op
  19. I have been able to keep it fully stocked so far. And have more in storage. No one has sold me out yet
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  20. image.jpg
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