[Selling] Iron Blocks (CLOSED)

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  1. Hey EMC. Some of you may remember from a few months back that I had a humble little Iron shop over on smp4. Well, I decided to give it a reboot and restock it. In addition! I have lowered the prices! Whoo! Yeah!!!

    Location: smp4; 8002

    Amazing prices ranging from 1.25 - 1.5 rupees per ingot

    Feel free to take full advantage of this deal, and I try and continue offering this Amazing service :D

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  2. cool, il be sure to stop buy!
  3. Well, Everyone feel free to buy as much as you like. I stocked her up with 46 3/4 stacks of blocks tonight. Will do my best to restock daily. Not sure how much will come in on a day to day basis. But will try not to let it sit empty
  4. I got a couple, but now you are sold out! Thanks!
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  5. lol you're out of stock already
  6. Wow... That was fast.
  7. Dude where were you 3 hours ago...I just bought a DC
  8. O_O you guys bought me out already... great, Will see if I have any floating around. But will re-fill it when I get up again tomorrow.
  9. Lol that sucks dude!
  10. Restocked it with 12 1/2 stacks of Blocks this morning.
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  11. Lies. ;P
  12. Nice ironic blocks :)

    Suggestion: open up a chicken related items section!
  13. Ermehrgerd... how do you get so much iron...
  14. I think someone was buying a ton of iron blocks yesterday...
  15. Hereeeeeeeeeeeees Johnny. ( as in i am going there)
  16. Hint: You should buy an iron golem farm so you can restock easier!
  17. And you think he's not already?
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  18. Did you really just say that? lol.

    I am in the process of optimizing my current farm - 36 cells; I have no need for the Iron, so instead I will sell it at a super convenient price. Probably won't bump this thread much/at all. From now; just bear in mind that I will stock it at least once a day. As I have time to get on. ;)
  19. I have a plot to get a few thousand rupees using this...
  20. I should of thought that a moderator would have thought of that AGES ago... if only i'd paid attention more to the wild live maps...
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