[SELLING ] I'm Selling Promos.

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  1. Up for Buying / Trading:
    • 1 Turkey Slicer - 42k
    • 1 2013 New Years Firework - 17k
    • 1 Christmas 2013 Rudolph - 61k
    • 1 2013 Haunted Head - 29k
    • 1 2013 Labor Bench - 21k
    • 1 Not so Spooky Egg - 60k
    If you have an offer on any of these items, PM Me or Post Below.
    Pricing is flexible.
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  2. Just advising you the Not Special Dirt isn't actually a rare, it can be re-named exactly through normal means, so it's just renamed dirt :p
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  3. I guess it's really not special. Removed.
  4. 25k for the haunted head?
  5. Isn't the Not so Spooky Egg the same thing as Not Special Dirt?
  6. No. It won't stack with anything, so it is discernible from fakes. It's also way rarer.
  7. How much for the Rudolph
  8. Name your price, we can work from their.
  9. Is it a legitimate N S E? If it is, I'd be interested...
  10. Added Prices!
  11. Can I see a pic of the not so spooky egg
  12. Is the Rudolp unused?

    If it is I'll take it :)
  13. Yes. Thanks!
  14. Those eggs aren't really special :( at least from what I heard from others who have it, you could just make it in an anvil. May be wrong though.
  15. This is incorrect. Not Spooky Eggs are unstackable because Aikar gave them all different Item ID's... It can't be mixed with renamed eggs
  16. The one thing that separates them from eggs renamed in an anvil (i.e. the thing that makes them slightly special) is that they don't stack with anything -- not other Not so Special Eggs, not renamed eggs, nothing.

    So they are different and worth collecting, they just aren't very fancy.

    See: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/buying-not-so-spooky-egg.44580/#post-833089