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  1. By Not So Spooky, I am referring to the promo that was in /shop but then replaced with a new edition called the Spooky Egg (that was a lot less broken) taking its place.

    If you own one of the old eggs, AKA "Not So Spooky Egg", PM me ASAP and I will pay big money or other promos/rares in exchange for your egg.
  2. I don't think your gonna find any. Good luck. ;)
  3. damn. i saw these in /shop but didnt buy because i didnt have the r and didnt feel like selling crap. i shoulda sold crap.
    edit: lol i literally just lied to myself still tho i woulda experimented with one at least
  4. Are you sure these exist because as soon as the promo was released I bought 5 of the eggs and they all say "Spooky Eggs"
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  5. The Not So Spooky egg wasn't sold directly. It was the actual egg that was floating, and then if you killed the invisible chicken it would drop that egg, which is simply a renamed egg.

    The update made it so the chickens no longer carry a not so spooky egg, and instead regenerates if it loses the egg, to prevent risks of duping those renamed eggs.

    They aren't anything special other than the fact they wont stack with each other. It's a renamed egg with a unique ID saved in it to prevent stacking.
  6. Ya same
  7. So do they have value, also does this mean that all I have to do is rename an egg and it's the same?
  8. Lel I have one of these eggs but they are no different than a renamed egg like Aikar has stated. Nothing special.
  9. Hey Haro I have a stack of Not So Spooky Eggs, if the offer still stands?
  10. Stack would imply they were fakes, please do not try to scam people.
    I intentionally made every not so spooky egg unique as the item grouping code was grouping the not so spooky eggs.

    If you simply meant 16 of them unstacked, then I apologize but wording sounds otherwise.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.