Selling Icecreamcow Singed book - "Pants"

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  1. Its about a cow that live's in a pineapple under the sea..

    I will be selling it for 1M Rupees. no more no less Untitled.png
  2. This is boss...
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  3. Ahhh!! I want it
  4. how about... no.... :confused:

    Casino entrance EMC Giftshop.
  5. Yeaaahh! XD
  6. Bump, still available believe it or not..
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  7. i think you mean "signed", not singed...
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  8. Are you selling it or what, i want that book!
  9. yes 1million rupees
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  10. I'm no where near worth that price. xD
  11. True you have a point.... Price raised to 2M rupees.... any takers?
  12. Dude, i can have The Holy Cow sign one for me is i ask!
  13. this is a special one, with sinking sh**S
  14. 2 million for a book ???
  15. ill pay 1k for it
  16. But its a book from the cow of icecream.
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  17. i'll offer 2000!
  18. Wouldn't the money go to ICC, not HappyShopper?
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  19. They can split it :p
  20. I see what you did here...You said free diamonds at your res so you can make it look like people want the book in the back round...hmm smart guy.