[selling] IcecreamCow ITEMS ( COLLECTOR ITEMS )

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  1. At /v 15061 on Smp7 I am selling some rare IcecreamCow drops. These were won in Sunday night's mob arena that krysyy held. IcecreamCow said-

    "As people will ask/wonder.

    I created these more so as a fun joke. They don't do anything other than be used for what they normally would. I'll likely carry a few stacks on me of each at random events I go to that I am not holding (such as future mob arena's etc) and participate with the peoples.

    So, rarity type is moderate to Semi-Rare...but will always be dropped in multiple stacks. Hope this helps any questions that might come up. :) "

    If you are interested in buying just drop on by! I am the first person to get these, so get them before they are all gone!

    If you cannot get on, PM me, I will save you some.
  2. *goes to /v 15061 on SMP7* I never got any of those.
  3. Bought some :) Good seller and good stock, I approve.
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  4. Bump, if you missed it this morning I have restocked it.
  5. Did you save the 2 I had you put aside for me? :)
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  6. What really is it? Renamed?
  7. thanks sam!
  8. I bought one of each. Thanks! Love these things.... :p
  9. Bump for Sam
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  10. What exactly are you selling? Like the names of whatever or lore on them?
  11. ICC flesh and ICC skin
    (Raw steak and leather)
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  12. Save 2 for me please
  13. Saved.
  14. Bump, restocked again.