[SELLING] IceCreamCow Head

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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to sell my IceCreamCow head (and I think sam is too :p) Please PM me with offers. Do NOT post any offers in here as I will not count them. I will not sell it for any lower than 350,000. Remember, this is one of the 11 heads (I think) dropped in the IcC Head Drop Event.
    EDIT: Gawd i'm horrible with names, I meant Kevdude lol :p Not sam.
  2. Got some pics for you guys, in case you wanted proof :p
    2013-08-02_10.00.32.png 2013-08-02_10.00.42.png
  3. I recall that 9 were dropped at the event. However, the first one dropped was stolen, and someone else died while wearing theirs a few weeks later and it despawned. So there are only 7 accounted for!
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  4. +kevdudeman and kyrssyjane who got theirs during that 100$ donation thing
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  5. I have one of his heads
  6. Yay! But, I think my friend has two...
    (not saying who. Just know they have 2.)
    KevDude has 3 so that's five.
    I have one, that's six.
    Krysy has one (original) that's 7.
    Still missing two.
  7. I have one. And I wasn't counting the originals. Those are worth over a million rupees and have personalized words.
  8. I have one.
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  9. Well, anyways, let's try to keep this thread on track. I am still looking for a buyer.
  10. Would you be willing to trade items for it?
  11. I hate to rain on your parade, but I just don't see a head going for 350k.. Even if it was JustinGuy's head. The most I would think ICC's head going for is 75k... I sold a Bigdavie head, and he's senior staff, for 12k, and he is high up in the staff list.
  12. Well, there is not a lot of IcC heads in circulation, is there.
    If someone really wants it, they would pay the 350k.
  13. I honestly think there are less Bigdavie heads....
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  14. 6 Bigdavie heads. Davie told me himself.
  15. Sorry I missed that good deal.
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  16. Regardless of that fact, I am selling this head at 350k, nor will I lower it, or trade any items for it.
    It's my head to sell, and my set price. If you don't like the price, don't comment.
  17. Now I'm wondering why ICC don't make his heads soulbound?
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  18. Because he just jumped off :p