[Selling] ICC Skin

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  1. Selling ICC's Skin

    I would like 1500 per piece, that is not negotiable.

    Please comment how many you would like to purchase from me, I currently have 8.


    Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.57.29 pm.png
  2. Really? You buy from my shop only to profit? I sell at half your price, and feel disrespected by this.
  3. Exactly twice the price, oh well :rolleyes:
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  4. i feel you both are silly for selling fanboy skins of ppl :p
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  5. Why cant a person make a profit?? Do you dictate the prices of the economy? Does everyone have to buy from you? Maybe your the only one with it, but you have now sold it to other people...
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  6. Everyone to clarify I have matched Sam's price. $1300
  7. The main reason that reselling is looked down upon, is that the original seller works hard to attain his stock to sell to others at a reasonable price. Meanwhile, the buyers make a very craven attempt to gain profit by (sometimes exponentially, which is the main unfair part) selling again with little to no work involved. Say you spend maybe 5 hours mining ores, and you get 30 diamond ores. You sell them for like, 200r, and someone buys them off of you and sells them again for 325r each. That means that the reseller is gaining nearly 1/3 more the money than he invested into buying what you worked hard for, and at the same time stealing business away from you with your own goods.
    Now that sucks.

    Edit: Not to say anything against Joshy in particular.
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  8. The thing about reselling is that it helps maintain both stable prices, and keep a flow of money in the economy. Also, the variety of price changes the fluidity of various items, giving players options on how much and how quickly to sell, while preventing either side from being ripped off. Reselling is not inherently bad.
    Read: I still do not support scamming/buying things at obscenely low prices.
  9. ?? Isn't that what everyone does. Im sure you have done that before-
  10. I'm not sure which smp you come from, but on smp8, if someone is buying stock to resupply themselves, they get banned from about 8 residences in that day. And no, I actually haven't. Not directly. I tend to consider making a profit off of other people's work to be a very easy, yet pathetic way of gaining money.
    I would say that the economy does flourish with resellers, but that's mostly just because of the self arrogance they have to take advantage of people. If the world were to not have people buying/reselling stock, we'd only be able to rely on our own ability to gain resources, and the practical monopolies of shops. However, is it better to have people stealing from you to make faster money than you can, or to buy from people at whatever price they choose? (And with competition from other shops, the market could still stabilize, because supply/demand can still go on without resellers.) It's honestly anyone's choice.
  11. I bought too early D:
  12. What I'm saying is that it shouldn't matter to you whether or not someone resells. If you have the money in your hand as a result of the sale, you shouldn't care. In real life, people make good money by reselling, that's the whole theory of the stock market. I understand that people don't like it, because they feel they are losing money as a result of it, but in reality, its just being sore: feeling badly because someone else took advantage of a unsatiated need in the economy with goods that you could have provided.
  13. Well I'm honestly not disagreeing with you entirely. I think that what you said in your last line opened me up a bit, and said that reselling opens more options for a buyer to purchase from. I also understand that it is the main seller's decision to keep prices low or high to avoid reselling/running out of stock, while at the same time keeping it low enough to keep buyers coming. At least on the server where I come from, the community is small and close. We're not the server-jumper types, for the most part. If someone were to buy out all of our stock that we work rather hard to keep up in stock for their own greed, then yes, we do feel sore. As you said, it's being taken advantage of, and nobody really likes that.
  14. Sure, Ill buy whatever u have left

    In other words, I think enough has been said about reselling XP no need for an argument to start
  15. I will buy four
    EDIT: awww, ok wolf you can have them. sam I will check out yours.
  16. Hey josh? Tell us if you want us to stop, OK?
    Back to the discussion:
    Basically, the capitalistic society functions best if everyone pursues their own self interest. So, by virtue of everyone's selfishness, the economy thrives. Continue if it interests you :)
    Now I realize, each SMP acts as it's own little country, with unique fluctuations in price and different products readily available, as well as different attitudes to merchants.
    In any case, I don't think there ought to be any real problems with reselling. People may have the right to dislike it, but there is nothing inherently wrong with it.
  17. People who sell an item at a price they want, will get bought out. You have now gotten paid for that item you have just sold. You should not be complaining if someone resells or not. If you do not want people reselling your stuff then you DO NOT sell it.

    Everyone resells in the real world and it does not hurt anything at all. I do not care if you have mined for hours on end to get a couple stacks of ores. You have put it for sell for everyone to buy from you and whatever. They now may do whatever they please with that item. If you do not like it then do not sell your items.
  18. Now im coming in :p i have no problem with reselling as i still make money. For instance on snp7 we have a cheap economy and usually things are traded, given, our bought low because we have no shops. But it is a great way to do things. I really wish EMC could add in a trade feature where you drop an item in and the assigned trade pops out :)