[SELLING] Horse Armor & Saddles

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  1. Items: Gold Horse Armor
    Quantity: 1
    Delivery or Pick-up: I'm in the wild on smp3, so delivery to smp7 14859 please.
    Total: 2,500r

    I like how the prices have decreased by 97,500r XD
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  2. Your order will has been processed and will be dropped off once pickup is made please leave an access chest on that residence ;)
    The 100k armor was to see where it was at and howmuch people were gonna pay for it, it was also the first post selling it. :p
  3. Paid and chest is set up.
  4. Will be dropped off tomorrow morning ( bout to go to bed, and no CP access)
  5. Pshhh, sleep is for the weak. But okay, thanks for selling :)
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  6. Been on 5/6 hours of sleep thanks to my wastelands raids lol.
  7. Items: Diamond horse armour
    Quantity of each: 1
    Delivery or Pickup on smp3? pickup on smp3
    Total: 5,500r
  8. Your order is ready for pickup, please let me know once payment is made and a chest will be available to you on 6006.
  9. im on smp3 now