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  1. NEW Thread!

    Iron Horse Armor: 3,500 each
    Diamond Horse Armor:6,000 each
    Gold Horse Armor: 4,500 each
    Saddles: 250 each

    If you choose to buy more than one there will be discounts! They are as follows:

    1 item, ex 1 gold horse armor, the listed price so 10k
    2 items, ex 2 gold horse armor, the listed price so 20k with a 500 discount
    3 items, ex 3 gold horse armor, the listed price so 30k with a 1k discount
    4 items, ex 2 gold horse armor and 2 diamond horse armor, the listed prices so 40k with a 2k discount
    Please do not order more than 4 items at a time
  2. Updated prices,
  3. 100k!?!?!? I was saying that that was too much. :p.

    Off to a dungeon!
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  4. uhh I really think that is overpriced but on another note I don't believe you can auction this stuff yet, though since you're selling the armor instead of auctioning it, you should be fine.
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  5. lol he just needs to lower the price ;)
  6. Yea horse armor is worth 4.5k at the MOST for iron

    It's not hard to find it in nether fortress's
  7. I'm selling not auctioning.
    Howmuch are you willing to pay?
    So get your own, and sell for your prices :)
  8. Gold actually protects more than iron. So I think it could be a bigger price.
  9. Gold brakes much faster
    I already on that ;)
  10. Horse armor has infinite durability :p
  11. Can you get chain mail armour?

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but horse armour isn't ANYWHERE near that much, its like a few K at most
  13. Actually gold is worth more as it protects more.
  14. Man when people talk out of their butt....
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  16. Actually, if you looked into the article more, it states that it does indeed have infinite durability.
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  17. Also in the Trivia area too.
  18. quoted directly
    Unlike armor for players:
    • Horse armor does not lose durability.
    • Horse armor does in fact become invisible when an invisibility potion is used.
    • Gold horse armor is more powerful than iron horse armor.
    • Horse armor does not exist in leather or chain varieties.
    • Horse armor only has one piece, where as player Armor has four.
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