[Selling] Holiday Message & Promos

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  1. I'm selling off my hoard of promos:

    2x -=Holiday Message=-
    16x <Dancer>
    40x <Dancer> (used)
    84x Holiday Candle
    42x Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    2x Avalauncher
    EMC Treasure Voucher
    5x Spooky Egg
    2x Maxarian Head
    15x Ham Hacker
    8x Remembrance Poppy
    3x Feast for a King
    10x Labor Bench (2014)
    15x *Empire Firework* "2014"
    3x <Empire Firework> "2013"
    3x Empire Firework "2012"
    2x Cupid's Bow
    2x 2014 Independence Day Firework
    3x Turkey Slicer (2014)
    146x Cooked Turkey
    Congratulations! by EmpireMinecraft (New MobArena Parkour)
    Congratulations! by Maxarias (Maxarias Insanity MobArena Parkour)
    Aikar Head

    Post here or message me offers: Message fishmeal.
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  2. 20k for bigdavie signature
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  3. done. /pay and /mail :]
  4. I'll take Valens if it is unused and I'll PM you about the Holiday Pick
  5. I am pretty sure that the rememberance poppy was not intended to be sold and auctioned...
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  6. Ok :] pay and mail for you too, unless you all prefer shop chests.

    Please start a new thread if you wish to have a debate about the ethics of promo sales. I will participate.
  7. Hm, sold a MrSocks75 sig for 8.5k, I'll take it for that much
  8. 75k for Holiday message? I have no idea whats it's worth.
  9. Might be interested in the SC book, but it's value I don't know
  10. Paid
  11. Can you hold me the pick for a bit longer? Can't get on right now.
  12. I've still got it.
  13. Whats a holiday message?
  14. Holiday Message

    =-Holiday Message-=

    Type: Misc
    Released: December 10th 2014
    Update: Seasonal
    Obtained by: Buying a Santa Gram during the 2014 Holiday Promotional Event
    Lore: by EmpireMinecraft

    The Holiday Message is an item obtained by sending a player a Diamond Supporter "Santa Gram" during the 2014 Holiday Promotion. These books are sent to players among being gifted one month of diamond supporter-ship, and are signed by EmpireMinecraft. The book contains the following holiday greeting:

    Ignoring the grammatical/typing errors, it is a book received alongside Diamond Voucher Santa Gram orders during the sale that just happened. I suspect they are pretty rare.
  15. Is the Second Chance book the new or old version?
  16. ahh 0okay thnaks
  17. I'm gonna say old.
  18. I'll trade any of this for used Rudolphs.
  19. Can I buy:

    IcecreamCow Skin - 4k
    IcecreamCow Flesh - 4k = 8k total