[SELLING] High Stat Horses!

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  1. Hello fellow members of EMC! This thread features the current high speed, jump and health (separate posts) horses I have for sale. The following horses are my current stock:

    High Speed Horses:

    Horses speeds 128-132 are now being sold automatically on my resident /v 6097

    133 Speed:
    None Currently :\

    Be sure to check here for updates on my stock of 133+ speed and 103+ jump horses!

    Want a Horse I do not have listed?
    You can send a special request! Just PM me with a request including color/pattern (if this applies) and stat range (because horse stats can't be fully controlled) and I will work to breed the horse! Note: There WILL have a wait period between how long it takes me to breed the horse, and it will only get longer the higher/lower the stats requested. The price for the horse will be calculated, I will respond by letting you know when I've bred the horse with the exact stats included. While a horse has an active special request, it can only be through people in the pm, you will have a 1 month period to respond (let me know when you can afford the horse) before the special request expires. When a special request expires, the horse with either be put up for sale on the thread or given away.

    1 special request per person, once your first special request is completed, you can request for another horse. There may be a delay between request progress due to multiple requests being held. Requests for higher stats are more prone to delay.
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  2. High Jump Horses:

    Horses with Jump 98-102 are currently being sold automatically on my resident /v 6097.

    103 Jump:
    2. Color: Brown none, Exact Jump: 1o3.86, Price: 3k
    4. Color: Brown none, Exact Jump: 103.53, Price: 3k
    5. Color: Brown none, Exact Jump: 103.77, Price: 3k
    4. Color: Chestnut none, Exact Jump: 103.25, Price: 6.5k
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  3. High Health Horses:

    30-32 Health Horses are now being sold automatically at /v 6097.
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  4. Buying the 104 speed 32 health. Will log in now and pay.

    Also, why are there 30 healths on the 32 health part?
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  5. I'll take the fastest healthy horse you have
    Fastest most health horse
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  6. xD derp that was a typing error! Lemme fix that! I'll mail the horse right now!
  7. Out of all these horse which one is the fastest
    If ya know XD
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  8. The fastest 30+ health horse I have for sell is the 25th horse in the 30 health horses list. If you want a horse with more health but still quick, I recommend the 5th horse in the 32 health horse list. Go ahead and think about it and let me know which one you want :)
  9. I'll take both by tomarrow XD
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  10. Just going to point out that you could have made all 3 threads into one thread, and then had each thread a different post
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  11. That probably could work, however the delay between posting each replies can cause problems if someone decides to post a reply before I have posted all of them(and knowing my luck, that would happen). I am not happy at all that I had to post 3 different threads, if you know a way to preventing people from replying on a thread until I've posted stuff, please share.
  12. As soon as i create the thread, I reserve the next post instantly, There will be a 30 sec wait, but you can easily reserve enough posts...
  13. Ok, I figured that's how it would go :\
  14. Let me know if you have any horses with speed 135+ please. I am looking for a very fast horse.
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  15. Alright! It will be very difficult for me and my partners to breed one of those, but I do know a user who can probably help! Try requesting MoeMacZap to breed you one, though it might take awhile before he can get back into horse breeding, he can breed you a 136+ possibly!

    EDIT: It would be great to see you running around on a 135+ speed horse on stream xD
  16. I would like to buy the brown whitefield 132 speed for 30K :)
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  17. :) Alright, I have horse ready! Once payment is received, I will mail it over!
  18. 9. Color: Chestnut none, Exact Jump: 103.14, Price: 4k


    16. Color: Black none, Exact Speed: 131.25, Price: 17k

    Total: 21k :3
    I'll pay when you're ready.
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  19. Id also like 8. Color: Black White, Exact Speed: 131.73, Price: 17k

    Ive paid for the 1. Color: Brown Whitefield, Exact Speed: 132.88, Price: 30k btw <3