Selling Grinders

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  1. I will be soon selling Grinders of many types. These will include Spider, Cave Spider, Zombie and Skeletons.

    I have the potential Available:
    Double Cave Spider Grinder
    1 Zombie
    1 Zombie and Spider (double spawner)
    1 Spider
    1 Skeleton


    Don't worry I asked ICC
    Here's the convo:


    1. TerryDaTerroristActive Member

      Hi ICC I was wondering if you can sell the "location" of a pre-made grinder?
      OR sell services which include the location of a spawner?


    2. IcecreamCowAdministrator

      If YOU made the grinder, yes. If you just happened to find one, we ask that you do not unless you know an have permission from the person who made it.
  2. I'm pretty sure that in the new thread posted it says that you are allowed sell a pre-made spawner. And with services that include the spawner, how do you mean?
    Also, you'll need to edit this link in when you start selling:
  3. I asked icecream cow so ask him to cross reference