[Selling] Grinder Girl Rotten Flesh Factory -- With a View!

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  1. Introducing a Grinder Girl Original Zombie XP Farm

    Hey everyone! I found another zombie spawner and decided to build and sell this lovely rotten flesh factory for my amusement and your grinding pleasure.

    When I'm using a grinder that I purchased, or borrowing one from a friend, I always get nervous about where to stand to keep the spawner active. I can happily say that with this grinder, you can stand anywhere! I've excavated the room in such a way that wherever you are, you are within 15 blocks of the spawner. That means you can build that cocoa bean, wheat or melon farm and not have to worry because when you're tending your crops, the rotten flesh will still be rolling in.

    The cavern outside this grinder is breathtaking, so I made sure that the view wouldn't be lost when I built the facility.

    Front of Spawner Room

    Back of spawner room:

    Kill Zone:

    The zombies in the killing area have taken enough fall damage that they are a 2-3 punch kill or a 1 hit kill with any weapon. I prefer to bludgeon them with their own shovels...

    Included in the purchase price are three chests of goodies containing all you need to start several different kinds of farms as well as enough building materials to get you well on your way to customizing the enclosure.

    The facility is located on SMP3, an easy (and yet relatively safe) 1,380 blocks from one of the outposts. All this deliciousness can be yours for 6,500 Rupees. Please reply here or start up a conversation if you are interested in purchasing this XP farm.

    Also, disclaimer:

  2. SO TEMPTING.....
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  3. If you hold it for me for a couple days at the most I will pay you 10k. Please!!!
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  4. Ill buy it today
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  5. I will hold it for you Penguin. I also will be beginning construction on similar zombie and skeleton grinders on Utopia in the next couple of days. If anyone wants to offer for those in advance, I will do custom builds for you.
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  6. Thank you so much! This will really help me with my enchantment store. It gets annoying having to mine coal, and now I can get the satisfaction of killing zombies.
  7. i need this for the smp3 nature walks... i dont like spending 5k a week on rotten flesh
  8. If you will message me with information about which outpost you prefer (or main spawn) and an approximate distance, I can look for something else on smp3 that would suit your needs.
  9. I really have no use for rotten flesh except a store. About how much do you need per week. I can probably get that to you for free.
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  10. Looks awesome!
    I have a double skele/zombie grinder and I get loads of bones, arrows, and rotten flesh from them. Just think, a couple days ago someone sold a double chest of rotten flesh for 2.7k on smp-1. This could really pay off for the buyer:D
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  11. Update on the Utopia grinders: One of the skeleton grinders was pre-ordered and has been completed. Sale on that facility is pending. I have one more Skeleton and two Zombie sites ready to go. If you are interested in claiming one of those for your own, please start up a convo or reply here. If no one claims these in advance, I'll post another thread when they are ready.
  12. what's the texture pack?... it looks like a combination of misa's, and sphaxcraft.
  13. The pack was by our very own battmeghs :D I usually use Sphax, but I wanted something with less noise on the glass for the screenshots.
  14. Pmed.
  15. I have enough money now... when can you show me where it is?
  16. Give me just a few minutes, I'm out there now and have to get back to town!

    Edit: also, need more coffee :D
  17. Oh Gosh! This is awesome!

    Is it possible if you could get me a skeleton grinder on smp9? That would be great!
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  18. If you want the glass to look better, try using Optifne, it basically allows for HD textures and fonts.
    So, with 64x Sphax Texture pack and Optifine, the glass looks like this;


    Although, if you don't want us any mods, you can use MCPatcher instead.
    You probably already know this, but I thought I would say.
  19. It's just that the corners on the sphax glass texture obscured the view a lot.
  20. By any chance, are you selling more of these, not counting the ones in utopia?