[Selling] Grinder Girl Rotten Flesh Factory -- Now With Slime!

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  1. Introducing a Grinder Girl Original Zombie XP Farm

    Hey everyone! I found a zombie spawner and decided to build and sell this lovely rotten flesh factory for my amusement and your grinding pleasure.

    When I'm using a grinder that I purchased, or borrowing one from a friend, I always get nervous about where to stand to keep the spawner active. I can happily say that with this grinder, you can stand anywhere! I've excavated the room in such a way that wherever you are, you are within 15 blocks of the spawner. That means you can build that cocoa bean, wheat or melon farm and not have to worry because when you're tending your crops, the rotten flesh will still be rolling in.

    Front View:

    The zombies in the killing area have taken enough fall damage that they are a 2-3 punch kill or a 1 hit kill with any weapon. I prefer to bludgeon them with their own shovels...

    Back View:

    Speaking of crops, included in the purchase price are two chests of goodies containing all you need to start several different kinds of farms as well as enough building materials to get you well on your way to customizing the enclosure.

    Now, when I was exploring the area around the grinder, I happened to run into this big guy. That location information will also be included in the sale.

    The facility is located on SMP6, an easy (and yet relatively safe) 1,300 blocks from one of the outposts. All this deliciousness can be yours for 6,500 Rupees. Please reply here or start up a conversation if you are interested in purchasing this XP farm, or if you are interested in having the Grinder Girl (that's me) build a spawner like this one on your site.

    I'm only doing Zombies and Skeletons at this time, please no Blaze or Spiders, but I am willing and able to connect multiple spawner blocks in a grinder if they are able to be activated from a single point.

    Also, disclaimer:

  2. how much r? and i see youre using sphax
  3. I'm asking 6,500 rupees. 5k for the grinder, and 1.5 k for all the extras and the excavation work..

    Sphax is awesome :D
  4. Hm this could be a good deal for me... I shall have to think about it.

    EDIT: Dang it Jack!
  5. I'll happily buy it for 7k, you deserve the extra! :)
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  6. dang
    give me a bit ill accumulate all the rupees mainly because i spent all of mine celebrating my 300th day so if no one had bought it in a week i will buy it

    edit dangit jack
  7. Look for my PM :D

    Sale Pending -- I'll try to make more like this, assuming I can find the spawners, for those of you who expressed interest.
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  8. hmmm...can i just buy the grinder?
  9. Well, this one is a package deal. I'm working on a custom order just now, but if you have a spawner block ready to go, I would build one for you next, or I could scout around and find another spawner for you. PM me with server and distance preferences and you can be next in line after I finish the one I'm working on now. Keep in mind, I can't work on SMP5.
  10. Ill buy for 7.5k :p
  11. Again, sale is pending on this one. I appreciate the offer, Nole. If you'd like to retain my services, please PM me. I'd be happy to build one just like this for you.
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  12. Sale went through very smoothly and I have received the co-ords/been taken there. Thank you very much margaritte, enjoy the rupees and I'll happily buy from you again. :)
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  13. Dang it jack, Margaritte if you have any more grinders on sale ill happily buy them.
  14. I just finshed up the custom job I was working on. Still no PM's about reserving the next grinder, so if you want to be next on the list, start up a convo now.

    If I don't hear back from anyone, I'm going to just make another thread like this when I have a new grinder to sell.
  15. Yea its on utopia
  16. I saw you online yesterday, I assume that's when you were doing all this work :3
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  17. You want me to find you a spawner AND build a grinder for you on Utopia, or do you already have a spawner block that you'd like a grinder built around? I'm not sure what you mean.
  18. I got a spider spawner block