[Selling] Gold by the SC or DC

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  1. They're also nerfing the ability of gapples, hardly better than a regeneration II potion.
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  2. Can u hold one DC for me?
  3. It should be ready mid next week, how long would you need it holding for?
  4. Can i get a DC?
  5. I'm afraid there's a waiting list but I sure can! :)
  6. Bumps! :)

    Ordered completed by today:

  7. Please send through payment whenever possible and I'll set up your access chests on res 7777 :)
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  8. Will send payment when I get home.
  9. paid thanks
  10. No worries, I'll mail the blocks as soon as payment is received :)
    I'm starting up my PC now :) I'll mail them soon
  11. Bumps! :) 1 more DC left!! Grab it while you can
  12. Closing thread at the request of the initial poster.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.