[Selling] Gold Blocks

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  1. 2014-07-13_13.04.29.png I have about 11 stacks of gold blocks that im selling
    Come by and buy me out!
    smp1 res#1960
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  2. You realize you may want to lower that price, because that is 21.5r/ingot.
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  3. lol

  4. This is true
  5. Lowered prices
  6. Yeah it's a bit high
  7. lowered them to what?
  8. I just checked now and there no different than the picture =/
  9. He edited a new picture in, now they are 16r per.
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  10. lol at you because I did indeed change the price
  11. You realize I'm basing my prices off the smp 1 economy?
  12. that's very expensive lol
  13. Smp1's economy won't get you quick rupees ; )
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  14. ;) looks better than ; )