[Selling] GlowStone

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  1. Im selling 27 stacks of 64 glowstone.
    I would like 32k
  2. Do we have to buy all of it or can we buy a stack?
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  3. how much will you buy?
  4. ....How much do you want lol 1,250r per stack
  5. I will pay 25k for 27 stacks.
  6. I'll buy them for 32k. :) Contact me in-game or leave me a message one when/where to pick it up.
  7. 32.5

    Gosh, it's almost like an auction.
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  8. Yeah... It's not an auction. Which is why I said I would buy it for his asking price.
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  9. That is quite fair, and I apologize. You did. I only offered more because another offered less; my bad. All yours. Best, -herb.
  10. I was there when he got these. I got 20 odd stacks myself. Sold 'em for just 20k. :)
  11. I have a fresh supply on SMP8. 16956- I have 29 stacks of 64 and want 35k
  12. How do you get so many?
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