[Selling/ Fundraising!] DC Obsidian, DC Emerald, Very Used Mineral Mincer (Museum use)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Hasorko, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Hey fellow Miner and Adventurer,

    help me raise the final funds for my adventure map project!

    Prices might be a bit spicy, but its a good cause ;)

    1 DC Obsidian - 220k Thank you SamSimx for your support :)
    1 DC Emeralds - 65k Thank you FrenchMenace for your support :D
    1 Mineral Mincer (HEAVILY USED) - 35k

    Just post or msg me ingame (or both XD). First message to reach me wins. Obviously you dont have to buy ALL things together.
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  2. Might want to put the usage on the Mincer... for example 700/900
  3. the obsidian is really expensive about 2.44 more than normal (95k)
  4. Museum use as in museum ONLY XD its at like 5 durability. No obsi mining with it anymore ^^

    And I do realize prizes are high. But yeah its also for a good cause. However if you check the alst two obsi auctions


    Then I cant really follow your calculation with 95k.
  5. the same person won both he just over paid so mo1 else would bid..... no1 wants to overpay for stuff man XD
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  6. I did that its below 10 dura. So "like" 5 dura was not too much of an guess. I just didnt really mind looking again if it was 5,7 or 8 XD. You wont be getting any use out of it ^^.

    Indeed something I did not notice. Thanks for the information. I was also able to sell Samsimx a third DC of obsi now that I've noticed. So thats out of the race. Ofc the Mineral Mincer is more of a lucky shot sale. In case someone was just opening a museum. So I wont bump this thread anymore. If you see it and want to make an offer on the pick go ahead ^^
  7. 3k for the pick? it will only be a will deco
  8. I'd personally give 8k for the pick. :p
  9. Well Tomvan. I give it another 5 days. And if noone picked it up for at least 25k, I will msg you. Please dont make this an auction though :p you will get me in trouble ^^
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  10. sorry to say but it is so unlikely that u will get 25k man sorry but people buy these items to use them
  11. crazy_X_gamer I really do not care if this gets sold. Thank you for your incredible interest in helping me but I really dont need any advice. It is not like I am desperate. As the emeralds and obsidian got sold, I got all I need for my project. So this is just out there. And with roughly 3 1/2 years more experience of EMC, I can very confidently say that there definitely is someone who would buy it. The circumstances might be super weird. I do know what this item is mainly used for. I mean DC Obsi used up Mineral Mincer I think I cant be MORE obvious. But there is always that certain someone. Do I find him with that thread? Probably not. Still it costs me literally nothing, to keep this thread up. So I'd kindly ask of you to not post further feedback.
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