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  1. Looking to get some offers for a full set of voters items, all from the same user. Items were given to me through residence transfer. I already have a few sets so am looking to sell this one. I will see what kind of offers come in before selling.

    Please PM me your offers. I have a general idea of price so please no low ball offer.

    Items include:

    Voters Iron Sword, Voters Iron Pickaxe, Voters Iron Axe, Voters Iron Shovel & Voters Iron Hoe

    Voters Diamond Sword, Voters Diamond Pickaxe, Voters Diamond Axe, Voters Diamond Shovel & Voters Diamond Hoe

    Voters Helmet, Voters Chest, Voters Legs & Voters Boots

    Voters Bow, Voters Fishing Rod & Voters Shears

    Thank You Certificate

    This is every item you can currently get from a vote streak of 300. Every single item from this page: https://empireminecraft.com/wiki/vote-bonus-items/
  2. Bump

    Also preview chest set up on Utopia /v 5775@pickup
  3. I'm surprised someone would sell the stuff they earned. But I respect their freedom to sell or to keep. Hopefully staff has more goodies for us
  4. It's not mine, I would never sell mine. This set is someone else's that I acquired in residence ownership change. They no longer needed it.
  5. How much for the swords?
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  6. At this time I would like to sell it as one full set. If I find there is not alot of interest I might just sell each one on it's own or auction them. I will keep you in mind if I do decide to sell individually.
  7. Hey Kloned, also keep me in mind if you decide to go individual. I would be interested in the dia axe if you end up doing individual :).
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  8. Ok Thanks, if you decide to sell them individually please PM me an offer and I will try and get to that :)
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