[Selling] Extra Promos!

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  1. I have some promos in storage that I'm trying to get rid of. Let me know if you wish to buy some.
    Mineral Mincers x 9 - 70k each
    Shear Madness x1- 20k each
    SharpShooter x1 - 25k
    Dragon Stones x22 - 6k each
    Empire Firework (2015) x1 - 8k

  2. I'll buy the empire firework, will pay in a couple of hours. :)
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  3. Ok sounds good. Will be mailed one payment is received.
  4. Payment sent! :D
  5. Can I buy one of the Shear Madness and the Sharpshooter for 40k together?
  6. Sure sounds good. Send payment and I will mail you the items when Im next on
  7. Have paid amount. Thanks for these items! :)