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  1. Time to do some spring cleaning of the vaults and I have the following sale. Please post on this thread if you are interested in anything. Desired prices are listed but not set in stone.

    2015 Remembrance Poppy --- Quantity: 2 --- Price: 10k each
    Magical Eggcellent Wand --- Quantity: 1 --- Price: 10k

    Dasher Egg --- Quantity: 3 --- Price: 35k each

    Cupid Bow(Never Fired) --- Quantity: 3 --- Price: 8k each
    Cupid Arrows --- Quantity: 320 --- Price: 25r each
    Cooked Turkey --- Quantity: 101 --- Price: 100r each
    Feast for a King --- Quantity: 13 --- Price: 5k each

    Avalauncher (No Date in Lore) --- Quantity: 6 --- Price: 20k each

    Momentus's Helmet --- Quantity: 1 --- Price: 50k
    Marlix Helm --- Quantity: 1 --- Price: 20k
    Marlix Chest --- Quantity: 1 --- Price: 20k
    Marlix Boots --- Quantity: 1 --- Price: 20k
    Marlix Bow --- Quantity: 1 --- Price: 20k
    Momentus's Toothpick --- Quantity: 3 --- Price: 20k each

    All Items can be viewed at Utopia /v 5775@pickup. The chest is behind your spawn.
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  2. I'd like the 2015 labor bench, please. :)
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  3. Will mail it now. Thanks for your purchase :)
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  4. Thanks, will pay when I receive the mail (i.e. when I log on again, this evening or tomorrow). :)
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  5. Paid! :) Thanks for the labor bench :D
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  6. Il take the Gold apples Paying now
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  7. 75k momo helm?
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  8. :eek: Will mail them to ya.
    There's an access chests there for ya. Thanks again :)

  9. Ok will pay later
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  10. Sounds good. I will mail it right after :)
  11. slicer drops :D
  12. Just trying to rid the pain :p
  13. Ill take the trick or treat bundle.
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  14. Will mail after payment. Thanks :)
  15. 2015 New Years Firework --- Quantity: 2 --- Price: 10k each

    Both of 'em please :3 I'll pay now.
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  16. Mailing items now. Thanks for the purchases :)
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