[Selling] Enchanted Elytra - 50k

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  1. Selling: Enchanted Elytra
    /v +wings - SMP8
    50k - Per Elytra
    - Out of Stock -

    Dragon Heads:
    5k - Per Head
    - Out of Stock -
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  2. hmmm can you lower it to 45k
  3. I bought one. :)
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  4. Elytras alone are worth around 50k usually ones with enchants people have for sale higher. So you should be happy its still at 50k here lol :p
  5. I bought one and I LOVE it! Thanks!
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  6. *looks at shiny pretty elytra for reasonable and affordable price* *looks at rupee balance* *sighs*
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  7. Bought one :)

    Thank you
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