[SELLING] Empire Firework!

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  1. Item: Empire Firework
    Price: 35,000 Rupees (35k)
    Location: 2355 - Smp1
    That Is All.
    IMPORTANT: Price Is Non-Negotiable!
    (So don't post offering lower amounts!)
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  2. Erm. Bump?
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  3. Yeah they aren't that valuable yet.
  4. I think you're going to need to wait until a few people throw them on a cactus, or in lava or something, and they become more rare :)
  5. Just wait until the next two New Years.
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  6. Don't ruin my plan's.
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  7. Ok, you wait for the next TEN New Years. Everyone else can wait for two. :p ;)
  8. I think that i could get at least a dragon egg for mine at that time.
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  9. That would be interesting.
  10. I'm so confused at the price of this thing, everyone on smp1 says it 's perfect pricing, but you guys say it's way OP...
    (Dunno who to trust)
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  11. I'll just say this: If you want it, PM Me or just buy it from my shop (We MAY Discuss the price in PM).
    If that makes any sense.
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  12. Well i have noticed when i go on smp1 i see mostly people that don't go on the forums much.
    Then i ask if something is a good price and they say it is wayyy to low.
    I think 3-9 have normal priced things smp 1 overpriced and smp2 has great deals.
    Hope this helps :p
  13. I still don't know how much to price this thing, if i price it too low, I'll be ripped off, if i price it too high, i'll not sell it D:
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  14. Just wait so you can sell it for a high price.
  15. I'd say start the bid at 15k then people will go into a bidding war
  16. I dont want to auction it off though, a guy auctioned it off and barely got 20k for it (it's original price)
  17. Ill give you 10K for it
  18. See what i mean?
    20k was the ORIGINAL Purchase price from the Empire, I'll be LOOSING Money then...
  19. How about 20K?
  20. I'd assume he'd like to make a profit. It sold for about 25K, and even then, it'd hardly be a profit if you're buying at the bare minimum.
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