[Selling] Emeralds, Gold & Iron

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  1. Title says it all. Below is a list of stock. Will be updated when needed.

    Price: 20r per Emerald.

    Price: 20r per Ingot.

    Price: 2r per Ingot.

    Slime Block
    Price: 20r per Block.

    I am working on a shop to sell these eventually. In the meantime I have setup some temp sell chests. Visit smp1 at /v 647.
  2. I've decided to make some temp sell chests instead of manually selling. I did not expect a bunch of people all at once lol So now you will spawn here:

    These are on smp1 at /v 647

    Also forgot to add slime blocks :p So they are there as well :)
  3. i will take the 2dcs of iron please.
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  4. ok, nevermind. read first.
  5. EDIT: Oh never-mind I see you got some :p
  6. yesssir, tx
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  7. Can I have all the gold?
  8. Thanks all for your business. I will now be closing the shop temporarily while I build the new one. Hope to have it done quickly. Will have this thread locked and post again when it's done.
  9. Locking thread at the request of the initial poster.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.