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  1. Hey all!

    Just to let you know I am selling the following item(s) for the prices shown.

    Vault Voucher - 14k
    Maxarian Head - 9k

    You can find all the shops at 10484 smp5 :)
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  2. Valentine's Gifts sold almost immediately :)
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  3. Haunted Head and Vault Voucher gone. :)
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  4. Sorry. :]
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  5. No need for sorry lol, thanks from me. :)

    Well, I was about to announce the addition of an Iron Supporter Voucher for 18k, but that picked up before I could put it here lol.
    Only 1 Saltar left :)
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  6. Iron supporter for only 18k!? D:
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  7. I realised it was below value pretty soon lol, but it was all profit for me, having gone up 130k this past half hour lol, I can't complain.
  8. I think everyone would have wanted that! (I'm kinda happy it got sold already though, cause I only have 5k left after buying another holiday pickaxe)
  9. Bump, still 1 Saltar left :)
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  10. >:3 thanks
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  11. 2013-12-26_18.14.13.png
    Just announcing that I have some more special items for sale at the same address including

    Turkey Slicer - 13k
    Labor Bench - 5k
    Beacon - 9k
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  12. Dang it i needed the valentines day promos lol
  13. Lol, labor benches still didn't increase in worth. I kinda expected that already:p
  14. And Turkey Slicer gone :)
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  15. Hello!

    This is to announce that the addition of an Ore Buster for the price of
    I have a feeling this will go quick :p
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  16. bumpeh!
    Now with an Iron Supporter Gift for 45k
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  17. Now sold
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