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  1. I've been wanting to get to 1 million rupees but was too lazy to re-open my shop. So I guess I'll be doing more auctions. But as a starter I'm gonna sell some EMC items (I was never a good collector).
    I'm Selling:
    1 Haunted head : 7k each
    1 Turkey Slicer : 12k each
    2 Labor Day Benches : 5.5k each
    1 Valentines Rose 2013 : 18k each
    1 2013 Independence Day Firework : 10k each
    3 ICC B-Day Vouchers 2k each
    **Please let me know if the prices seem fair**
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  2. I'll take a haunted head once the person pays me for my auction :p
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  3. Just let me know ;)
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  4. I should note that Turkey Slicers are still being sold for 20k at /shop so perhaps you might want to offer some discount on that :)
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  5. Turkey slicer price has been dropped :3
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  6. Le Boomp
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  7. Bump
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  8. Bump, items still for sale
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  9. I'll take both heads and both ICC vouchers :)
  10. Valentines Day Gift Rose and an ICC voucher - 37k if you have them in stock still (assuming haro only wants 2 vouchers as he said both :p)

    Just reply to this, pm me on forums or simply find me in game and I will take them off of you ;)
  11. Oh, there's three. My bad, I'll buy all 3 :D
  12. Can I not have just the one seeing as how I asked for one and you said both (2)? :p
  13. I'll take a ICC B-day voucher..
  14. Looks like me & fdny already called dibs :p
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  15. qarfsjynhgrwsyh e,k
  16. I'l take a ICC bday voucher! :F
    Edit-Nv, I have 8k.
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  18. I apologize for the inconvenience but one haunted head and the rose are on hold. But I can sell the one head to you xHaro_Der.

    xHaro_Der: 2 ICC Vouchers and 1 haunted head
    FDNY21: 1 ICC Voucher
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  19. Dropped some prices and still don't want em' xD
    Need some buyers :3
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