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  1. Hey everyone, I'm trying to sell the exclusive New Years firework located on smp2. I'm trying to sell it because i'm relocating my residence to smp7 where i wish to buy another. So please if you could do me a solid, leave a comment on this post, thanks :).
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  2. Maybe you could get one of the Senior Staff to dispose of it then give you another on smp7 essentially vaulting it for you. Maybe a firework buThey could possibly
  3. perhaps, i'll have to invite a mod to the thread. o:
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  4. I would try what Pab suggested, I don't see why a mod couldn't.
    Welcome to Smp 7 :)
    Glad to see more people coming. :D
  5. well smp7 is like my original home. just moving in from the wild so i can be in town.
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  6. Not to rain on your parade or anything, but doesn't it seem better to sell the EMC Fireworks after the Empire stops selling them? By the way, I'm glad to your coming to SMP7.
  7. He has to sell it now so he can buy another one Chris. You can't put them in the vault you know?
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  8. Creepin is exactly right :)
  9. He could just leave it in his inventory on the server he is on until the vault is updated, just could not use it on smp7 until then :/
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  10. I'm in the same situation . :(
  11. Only thing I can suggest is send ICC a pm explaining your predicament and he may be able to sort something out. It will need ICC or Snr Staff to do it.
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  12. Yup, that's what you have to do. Start a conversation on the website with ICC or Senior Staff just like Silken said.
  13. ill buy it for 15k
  14. Just got online - beat me to it running :p
  15. i feel bad though lol, i don't want to take their time up.
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  16. That won't be the case trust me. You can always pm them, they don't have a problem with it.
  17. Sorry, probably not going to happen, the Staff do not give items out, regardless of whether you have brought it already or not.
    When they are worth 20k? lol, nice try.
  18. I think this is different though... You could be right though.
  19. It's a shame, I admit that, but I think that the option of keeping it in the inventory until the Vault is fixed is the only current option.
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  20. I think as the /vault system is not updated atm they may.