[Selling] Elytra, Dragon Heads, Chorus Flowers and Beetroot Seeds

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  1. I'm limiting this to one per player, including alts. I want to make sure players who haven't enjoyed any of these 1.9 items to be able to do so.

    Elytra (non-enchanted) - 75,000 rupees
    Dragon Head - 9,500 rupees
    Stack of 64 beetroot seeds - 50r
    Chorus Flower (plus one End Stone) - 30r

    You can use the chorus flower to start a chorus farm, I'll include an End Stone with each one.
    You can use the beetroot seeds to start a beet farm.
    The other two are self-explanatory.
  2. Got some! Thanks for the quick service! :)
  3. I'll take 2 chorus flowers. I'll get on and send you the 60r
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  4. mailed
  5. Thanks, I got it and they're now growing.
  6. They grow quite fast which makes me happy. Most crops take forever to grow.