[SELLING] Elevators

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  1. I Am Selling Elevators that have adjustable speeds, that actually work

    3k: You Supply Materials
    5k: I Supply Materials

    Obviously i would have auctioned this, but i don't think i can LOL :)
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  2. What type of elevator? Just a piston one?
  3. Very interested, but would like to see the design before putting in a bid.
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  4. Yeah I think I might get a few but I need to see them and see them in action.
  5. I would also like to see an example. I am very interested, I just want to be sure that it will be appropriate for the functionality and aesthetic that I am going for.
  6. crap, I just destroyed my elevator, I will make another one to show you
  7. I want to buy an elevator for my hotel.How many floors will it work for(my hotel may be expanding.lots.)
  8. What is the res where we can see this elevator
  9. my elevator can go as high as 256 blocks, I haven't built the elevator yet though
  10. Does it stop at floors?That's what I need for my hotel.
  11. oh, no, but I can probably make one that can do that. like that has different buttons for each floor
    I'll try to make one right now

    EDIT: I Cant get it stopping at floors :(
  12. If you do that I will buy one for my hotel
  13. what do the elevator's look like?
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  14. you can see one at 3466
  15. ok, I just found how to build a better elevator, and I haven't built it yet but I am going to right now. its 10k if I supply materials and 8k if you supply materials, also im not selling the ones that I showed before, these are only ones
  16. actually, its 10k/8k per 50 blocks high, so if it goes 250 blocks high it would be 50k/40k