[SELLING] Eggs for 30r per DC

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  1. What? Eggs, for 30 rupees per DC.

    Where? 859, on smp1. There is a teleport on the right from where you spawn.

    Current Stock? About 36 DCs.
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  2. I will buy 10 DCs
    If u can deliver... I will pay an extra 100 rupees for you to deliver them to me...
  3. Sorry I can't deliver for that price. If you come to smp1 you can buy 10 DCs. :)
  4. How much would it cost me for you to deliver?
  5. Bepends on if it's on smp1. If you are on smp1 100r is fine. On any other server 350r, because of vault costs.
  6. Ok then 10DC + 350 for Deliever = 650 for 10 DC
    Res Number is 19371 SMP 9
  7. ill buy a dc ill pick up on smp1 after i pay :)
  8. You can pay there, there are shop signs. :)
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  9. saw that once i got there. paid through the shop signs thanks :)
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  10. Cool, Hopefully I get some >.>
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  11. Yes you can, there are currently 2.5 DCs avaible for buying. I'll restock later today. :)
  12. Ok :p I'll be sure to check it out if I can log on today ;3
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  13. How Many More DCs?

    Reserve 22 for me please :D

    22 DCs is 660
    Delievry you said was 350r
    So 660 +350= 1010

    1010 Rupees
  14. Basicly Im Ordering 22 DCs + Shipping for 1010 rupees
  15. Well, the delivery depends on how many chests you order, because of the vaulting.
    So, it'll be 700 + 660 = 1360 (vault + cost = final cost).
    I'll reserve 22 DCs for you. :)

  16. Ok Thank you, And I agree with u math, lolz!

  17. Order ready. :)

    I've restocked, there now are 20 and a half DC (atm of posting). It's only in the 3 rows you face when teleporting. :)
  18. Please Reserve them, I got banned for using symbols. -.-
  19. I already reserved them :)