Selling Dual Blaze Spawners :)

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  1. I'm selling my dual blaze spawners, i've had them for around 2months and they are untouched :D
    Nobody has griefed it yet even tho i've had it untouched for 2months, so it's a pretty good place :)

    Quick reminder, you will get 40+ lvls withing 20-30mins IF you do make it really efficient tho

    I want around 30-40k for them, and if you ar a non-supporter then contact me via PM for your own safety :)

  2. Is it just one set of dual blaze spawners?
  3. Are they both within 30 blocks? Are they linked? (It would be better if they weren't). If so I dibs them for 45k.
  4. Damn you..
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  5. wish I had money for this.. D:
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  6. Rob My friend just found one, It will be for sale shortly, so don't worry, ^_^
  7. what smp are they on?
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  8. I made an offer, via PM. <just noting that here, for time ref>
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  9. They are 19-20blocks blocks away from each other. They will both work if you stand in the middle of the spawners. And they are untouched. I didnt turn them into grinders because i already had a working dual spawner. I had them untouched for like 2months and nobody have found them yet.
  10. Alright thanks, I'd like to buy :)