[Selling} Dual Blaze GRINDER

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  1. Alrighty, I am selling my dual blaze grinder.
    The blaze spawner blocks are just close enough that they can spawn blazes at the same time.
    2 different drop chutes.
    Etho's Lab Style, built by AlexChance
    AFKing for about 3-8 minutes gives you 30 levels.
    Blazes are 2 hit kills with a hand.
    Wither Skeletons WILL spawn here, so be careful!
    Also at the location is a wheat farm, a brewing room, a portal, and an enchanting room.
    This is NOT on Utopia, so anyone can buy.
    Please be aware that if you are a regular member, you cannot /hide, so people will find you easily.

    Asking Price: 75k or best offer by 11:59:59pm EST on November 24. Highest offer now is 50k
    I will provide the coordinates in a PM after payment is recieved
  2. me and me brother were selling a double blaze grinder highest payment we got was only 60k
  3. Thats a nice grinder. Would you mind saying how far out from spawn it is, and if there is a path/route to it?
  4. About 2.5k out. No path/route, things like that make it too easy for griefers for my liking.
  5. But golfer, you are permabanned. Why does this interest you?
  6. Ah. And i assume ^^ is your alt?
  7. Nope, im a lizard. His alt is GearMaster08
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  8. I see. Are you interested in this?
  9. Cool. What would be the deciding factor?
  10. Anyone else interested?
  11. What server?
  12. I don't understand how the price has now gone up, considering that grinders have been nerfed. Also I've seen another the exact same for 60k, and theirs took less than 3 minutes to get level 30.
  13. What do you mean spawning has been nerfed
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.