[SELLING] Dragon Stones, ICC Drops, & More

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  1. /v 15061 SMP7
    I am tired of bumping multiple threads and spamming the recent threads so here it is. This thread will be for my small shop I have setup at /v 15061. You can find ICC drops there, along with dragon stone fragments, shiny flesh and other random items I need to get rid of!

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  2. Not going to stock shiny flesh for a while, sells out too fast! Bump
  3. Since ICC items seem to be selling more going to bump this. Not selling shiny flesh anymore but I am selling freedom steaks in its place. Can't fix with new picture since I don't have access to my computer. :p
  4. i don't know how you can have no access to mc while having access to a pc. anyway impulse buy incoming!
  5. On vacation but can access site through phone/ipad!