[SELLING] Dragon Stones & Fragments!

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  1. So, as most of you know, just this morning Aikar implemented two new items into EMC preparing for dragon tombs.. We don't know what the items do or the purpose for them are yet, but I'm going to assume they're going to be linked into Dragon Tombs.. I have some I'd like to sell to your guys. :)

    The Dragon Stone Fragment. I'll be selling these for 10-15k each.

    2014-01-29_12.22.30.png 2014-01-29_12.22.30.png
    Now, the Dragon Stone.. I don't know a set price yet, but considering only one other person that I know of has one, so I'll let you guys name some prices for me. I have one set in my mind, but I'd like to see your prices. :)

    Also, you can only order one of each, so say I wanted to buy a stone and a fragment, you can only get one of each then you won't be serviced anymore. :)

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  2. For a shard?
  3. This isn't an auction... as you can clearly see at the top
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  4. i dident see that so ill go 3k for a shard
  5. Uh. If you had read the OP, you would see that he is selling them for 10-15k.
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  6. XD i need to read stuff
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  7. Okay! Lowered the prices of fragments to 5k each, and stones are set in a price of 50k! PM me if interested! Or meet online. :)
  8. I will think about it and see how long it takes me to get a fragment in the wastelands, to see how rare they are . :p
  9. good luck, expect to kill somewhere around 30 enraged mobs on average to get one :)
  10. Added a chest shop on SMP2, residence 4432. :)
  11. Just a note - you have the Dragon Stone screenshot in twice :p
  12. Wow, isn't Piggeh Boss at getting rare stuffs :3
  13. I know. :3
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  14. How is it that you get Dragon Stones?
  15. It seems to be a rare(r) drop from enraged mobs/minibosses.
  16. Nope. It doesn't drop from anything. I can only give one hint which will probably give it away.. Crafting.
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  17. Sorry for the double post, but we still have some left in stock! Buy buy buy! :)
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  18. R U buying these so called fragments as well?

    ...or just selling...